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Annelise Loughead


I'm Annelise - or Annie - the one behind the camera. When I'm not doing anything photo related I enjoy running, hiking, longboarding, trips to Trader Joes, playing with my sweet tuxedo kitty June, and working on my handstand in my living room.

Current record is 45 seconds. 

The first artists I remember listening to and loving for the first time were Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. My dad had a handful of their cassette tapes that I listened to over and over. 

 Some photographers who have influenced my style: Jim Marshall and Richard Avedon. They are worth googling if you've never heard of them.

Some of my favorite film directors are P. Tracy,  Ari Aster, and Parker Walbeck.

I love being in the city. Nashville is home right now.  I grew up in Rockford, IL, about an hour and a half west of Chicago. 

Let's create something together. 

Shoot me a text or email: 



Nashville, TN // Available for travel



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